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Buick Road Hawk / Skyhawk

Don B.

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Guest buickapollo455

interested in Roadhawk , have one too, when was it last run, how did it run. mpls mn 612-803-4918 craig


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Guest buickapollo455

BCA Nats, award of Heritage, original class at BCA IOWA meet. had 2 sets of rims, alum and steel sports there. Manual 4 speed. Have all documentation to original owner to me , I am 5th owner. Decal duplication is started. Grey this time will be a paint and red will be only vinyl. hope to use another buick front air dam from new buick to replace non replaceable airdam on Roadhawk. some pics, bca 27925





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Guest buickapollo455

what did you do with your roadhawk??? thought of trying to stuff a 455 in one, measures ok, need to put radiator under nose cone, like vette. think your seats were better than mine, but, would like steering wheel, headliner if not chewed by mice. or car??? etc price. location etc. thx

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I have not done a thing yet. One has a new 4.1 turbo motor (carburated) never fired but has been sitting.

The other has stock 3.8 litre. No mice that I have seen but liner is sagging.

I can break one up if you send a list of items you need.

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If you hover your cursor over the User's Name

on a posting, more information will appear.

The seller last visited this forum on January 1 (2019),

so that's a pretty good sign.  I hope he sees your

inquiry.  It's too bad he didn't leave some contact

information in his ad.


You might try sending him a private message.

Hover your cursor over his User Name, and then

click on "Message."  I hope you and he can connect!

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