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2009 Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise - Detroit, MI


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  • 2 weeks later...

Great to see another TC at Woodward.

Noticed your car parked on the east side just north of 8th mile but didnot get a chance to turn around for a closer look.

I took my driver this year as we also took in the Nascar race and needed some tailgate room.

Took my 89 Yellow/beige TC in 2006 and everyone thought it was a Lebaron.

Hope to attend with the TC next year.



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Dennis -

That must have been another TC parked on the East side just north of 8. I didn't park there at all. I also spotted a red one with the hard top parked in Ferndale behind the new Rosie's. I think someone local owns that one because I think it's the same one I saw parked at Western Market in Ferndale a few weeks ago.

So, looks like the tally this year was 3 TC's, a better showing than I've found in past years!

- Steve

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