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1962 D88 Arm Rest Base

D Yaros

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I am trying to figure out if, in fact, the door armrest bases for a 1962 Chevy Imapala are interchangeable with those on a 1962 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 convertible. Anyone able to speak with authority on this?

What I do know is the size of the Olds armrest pad is approx, 2 1/8" W x 15" L.

This same msg has also been posted on the Chevy board.

Thanks -

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I do not know what the K5 Custom Luxury Trim option is. Since I don't, I am more than fairly certain the Dynamic 88 does not have it. After all, this was the least expensive full-size Olds in '62.

I am willing to bet dollars to donuts the K5 option included the reflector on the end of the armrest (as found on the 98 and Starfire. The Dynamic 88 does NOT have them.

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(K-5) - Custom Luxury Trim

For Dynamic 88 models in a single package option:

1. Safety-Padded Instrument Panel with extended cover

2. 1 ¾-inch Foam-Padded Front Seat Cushion

3. Chrome-base arm rests, front and rear

4. De Luxe door and window regulator handles

5. Dual rear quarter lamps (Holiday Coupe and Holiday Sedan)

6. Rear door courtesy lamp switches (Holiday Sedan).........................................................................................................................................$38.74

K-5 should be indicated on the Fisher Body tag on the firewall. The key indicator would the dash pad - it either goes the whole way to the windshield, or it is just along the leading edge, in line with the dash end caps. Also the window cranks handles would have two thin bars instead of one solid bar.

I don't know if the armrests would be the reflector style. I think they might just be chromed rather than interior color.


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I wanted to bring my Olds parts book to work today, but I forgot. Our '74 edition Chevrolet parts book doesn't have listings for just the bases. It lists the entire armrest assembly, color coded, and only lists black, red and fawn for certain models. I guess the other model/color combinations were used by '74 - typical of trim parts.

It kind of hard to tell from the photos of your car, but your's look to be similar to the ones that Impalas used, because the armrests were longer and the door handles are hidden. The Bel Airs had shorter armrests and the handles were exposed. And the Biscaynes had short armrests with two piece bases.

The only '62-'64 Impala armrest they list is a black one for the right side. Part #4352138. I know Olds didn't have black in '62, but they might have in '63, which my Olds book covers. If the base and material were the same, I'd say the Olds book should have the same number. But if Olds used a different grain of vinyl on the armrest than Chevy did, then we'll have a different number.


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Well, here's what I've learned. I hope I can relay in a pattern that makes sense...

'62-'64 Impala, black, right side is part #4352138.

'63 Olds 88 convertible with trim #330 (black) uses armrest numbers 4352138 and 4352139 - same as the '62-'64 Impala.

'63 88 and S88, exc. SW with trim #s 331, 331, 341 and 351 (platinum) use armrest numbers 4356368 and 4356369.

4356368 and 4356369 are also used on '62 D88 Holidays (with deluxe trim)and convertibles and S88 4-door sedans with trim #s 310, 321 and 331 (med. gray). There is also a standard number for D88 Holidays. Apparently the convertibles came with deluxe (chrome plastic) armrests, even if the Custom Luxury trim wasn't ordered. The non deluxe bases would have had interior colored plastic bases.

So, yes, it appears the armrests are interchangable except for pad color.


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I took the chance they Chev Impala and D 88 armrests are the same, and ordered a pair. They have arrived. I can now confirm, definitively, they are exactly alike. I now have my armrest pads installed on the bases. Awaiting return of door panels before installing on car.

This is becoming somewhat of an adage for me, "If you can't find it from a Olds parts supplier, try Chevy!" A while back, the only way I could locate a rear ashtray was to order it from a Chevy supplier.

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