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1949 New Yorker Dash Pad

Guest BJM

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I went and looked at a 49 New Yorker I am in the process of purchasing and although overall very sound the dash pad was ripped or turned up on the passenger side, requiring a new pad to be presentable.

Are these fairly easy to get out and then who redoes them or can I do them?

I think they are covered in leather or vinyl, correct?

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Guest BaronvonR

They are leather covered over some type of foam...It was a safety crash pad....not sure if they are being reproduced as I think they were only 49 & 50 Chryslers

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Leather and vinyl both-depended on cheap model or high end Chrysler . Tolex on the wagons. Your car most likely leather. Never seen any pre-made covers. You just need a good upholstry person and a good original set of foam backing pads!

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