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Proper Horn Ring Shape on Connies?


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Our '41 Connie has a full circle horn ring. We had two cars, at one time, and both were this way. Our wheel appears correct based on others' cars. Can anyone tell us if the half circle ring was the only correct horn ring, or did some cars come with the full circle?

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Attached are pictures of 1942 and 1946-48 Lincoln Steering wheels which are alike except the '42 wheel is ivory and the later wheels are translucent maroon.

I already posted a photo of the only correct 1941 steering wheel and semi circular horn ring. Unfortunately, 1941 steering wheels were made of Henry Ford's experimental soy bean plastic which deteriorated rapidly. Very few original 1941 steering wheels remain!

1940 Lincolns had no horn ring, just a button in the center of the wheel.

If possible, please post some photos of your car on this forum. It would eliminate a lot of guesswork about what your car is really kike.



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Yup, these are the correct shape for 1941 Lincoln Zephyr AND Continental horn rings. If you will examine the photos I posted of 1941 and 1942-48 steering wheels it will become apparent that these are totally differnt shapes.

The 1941 Lincoln horn rings are unique and do not interchange with later models. This is only one of the unique features of 1941 Lincolns that are not like any other Lincolns, earlier or later.

Again, please post a photo of the steering wheel and horn ring on your car. One picture is worth a thousand words!

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