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1965 Buick 430 Prototype / Experimental Engine

Guest CAR2NV

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Guest CAR2NV

1965 Buick 430 prototype/experimental engine. This is block # 17

65 X 430-17

I have not had the engine apart so selling for display only, engine does turn over by hand.

$ 2500.00 plus shipping or pickup Kent, WA 98042

PayPal or Money Order (Payment due within 7 days of commitment date)


Scott Miller

Note this is from the E-bay ad from when I purchased it (from date codes the dual 4bbl intake manifold was not on this prototype motor in 1965)

I have for auction is a Prototype/Expierimental Buick 430 that has 2- 4 barrel Quadrajets on cast iron factory intake.After talking to a couple of engineers who worked on development of Buick motors in the early 1960s in Flint and all my friends in Buick clubs I have no knowledge of another to exist.I have not tried to clean or paint motor so people can see how it in its original condition.Motor could go into nice project but I really hope Museum or car collector picks it up and displays it for public to see because it really is a part of BUICK HISTORY.I am a passionate Buick guy myself and in middle of frame off restore of 2-67 G.S conv. 1-a 4speed and other autom. also 1 hard top with 3 more 67 GS to do in future.This is reason for sale of motor. fFrame off is costly.Some of the things I noticed-Stage 1 fuel pump,true Champion spark plugs.The exaust manifold in the middle where it looks like dumps down is actually blocked off.Original white A.C. oil filter.The valve covers have only 3-lines across (455 has 4-across)(430 and 400 have lines going down)The paint under the red is green-I think motor was being developed in 1965 and that was the color of nailheads.I opoened the oil pan and it is like it was built yesterday(as far as clean).All the parts have X along with G.M. 7-digit #s inside and out.Pistons,crank,conecting rods,heads,block, timing cover ect...The carb linckage seems very basic and primitive but I guess they were just expirimenting.I think the motor would fire right up but I have not tried.Where the Vin # should be it reads 65 X 430-17.I was told by Buick engineer Denny that 65 was year of block(2 years before its time of full production)X- for expierimental motor -430 for size of motor and 17-block production #.I also have 2nd. motor which is #24 block and has all the X-markings with a very strange single 4-barrel intake it is apart and not as complete as other.Winner of auction is welcome to have this one as part of auction(FOR FREE)I have tried to give plenty of information but if there are any Questions I will do my best to answer them







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