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1928 F28 Oldsmobile


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I have a 1928 F28 6 cyl Oldsmobile, I am looking for the part # for the carburetor and looking for a carburetor in working condition. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I heard there is a place overseas that has these carbs, does anyone know where that may be.


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The C1 means the carb is a Carter 1 barrel; which Oldsmobile used some years from 1925~1930, but not in 1928.

The original, and the midyear introduction, and the second midyear introduction were Schebler Model U's (they kept making changes trying to make one that would actually work).

Not only were these of a design that Mr. Goldberg (Rube to his friends) would have laughed at; they were also made from a zinc alloy (a.k.a. "pot metal") that was chemically unstable, and these have pretty well all cracked to pieces.

If the car is not going to be a "numbers matching" show car, there are a variety of better aftermarket carbs available.

If it is going to be showed for "points", then find a foundry to do "lost wax" casting, and have new castings made from aluminum. It still won't work well, but at least it won't explode.


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