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Great debut at Meadow Brook


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Hey Zephyrites -

Well, it's been awhile since I posted. Since that time, I had a chance to pick up the Zephyr, drive it 200+ miles, participate in the motoring tour at Meadow Brook, and compete in the Concours d"Elegance.

The car did herself proud, despite my clumsy shifting (I'm still getting used to how those old trannies shift). The motoring tour went flawlessly, and the cable brakes performed very well.

We won Best in Class for "Swoopy Coupes", which is a tribute to Tjaarda's and Gregorie's design and Edsel Ford's impeccable taste. I can tell you the judges were just floored by the lines of the car.

If you're within 300 miles of Meadow Brook, you really owe it to yourself to go -- it's quite a show, with everything from brass up to muscle cars, and a lot of one-off types of cars.

The car is back home now, and I'm chasing a few minor things down, typical for a newly restored car.

That's me in the double-breasted Seersucker suit, with my fiancee sitting in front of me!





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That car looks a real picture, hope it goes as well as it looks, there are always a few teething problems to sort out when something has been stripped to the bones and rebuilt, I am sure you will get them sorted out, if you don't, and your sick of it, just send it over here to the UK.


Very Envious Peter Smith

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Actually, mileage is over 350 right now. Not that I'm going crazy, but there is no other way to shake out a car other than to drive it. I've tightened some things, lubricated some others and adjusted some others. Hey, that's what they were made for.

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