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Interior Door Handle '96 Seville (driver's door)


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Hi All,

I'm usually on the Buick Forum (I have a '65 Riviera), but a friend who knows how much time I waste on cars/car parts is looking for a replacement interior driver's door handle for a 96 Seville that belongs to his grandparents. Apparently the handle is made of pot metal, and has broken.

The dealer no longer stocks this item, and its probably too new for a specialist supplier.

Any ideas on where I might direct him to find this door handle?



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I checked the part number, 16631921 in the dealer locator. There are no dealers showing this part in inventory. If it's any help, the Seville uses the same handle on the left front and left rear doors though.

Salvage yards around here are reluctant to part out a complete door, but I could try to locate one if you want. Private mail me contact info if you want me to try.

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