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Buick's Upcoming Hybrid Crossover


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From GMInsideNews.com today:

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. - General Motors' plug-in hybrid technology will be introduced in a new Buick crossover vehicle in 2011, Tom Stephens, GM vice chairman of product development, announced here today during the Management Briefing Seminars.

The yet-to-be-named Buick crossover will launch in late 2010 offering a family of fuel-efficient direct-injected gasoline engines, followed in 2011 by the plug-in hybrid model.

"Buick has always been at the forefront of new technology, so it is only fitting that the brand should debut our new plug-in hybrid technology in a beautiful new crossover," said Stephens. "This will firmly put Buick, and GM, front and center in the advanced technology game."

A new Buick for a new customer

The new five-passenger crossover will build on the success of the Buick Enclave, offering the brand's finely crafted execution and premium driving experience in a fuel-efficient package.

"Some customers who have been drawn to the Enclave were looking for something a little smaller, but they didn't want to give up craftsmanship or a quiet ride to get there," said Susan Docherty, general manager of Buick-Pontiac-GMC. "We believe this new Buick will excite those customers, and will continue to broaden the appeal of the brand."

The Buick crossover will be powered by an Ecotec 2.4L direct-injected four-cylinder engine with an optional 3.0L direct-injected V-6, and is expected to deliver 30 miles per gallon or more on the highway. Final fuel economy estimates, as well as additional vehicle details such as name and pricing, will be announced later.

Plug-in hybrid model

The Buick plug-in hybrid is expected to be the first commercially available plug-in hybrid SUV produced by a major automaker.

The Buick plug-in hybrid has the potential to achieve double the fuel economy of comparably-sized SUVs on short trips. This significant boost is achieved by combining a modified version of GM's proven 2-Mode Hybrid system with advanced lithium-ion battery cells and charging technology developed for GM's Voltec system, which will debut in the Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric vehicle in late 2010.

"LG Chem - the supplier of our battery cells for the Volt - has also been selected to supply the lithium-ion cells for the new Buick plug-in hybrid, and its Troy, Mich.-based subsidiary Compact Power will supply the pack," Stephens said.

The Buick plug-in hybrid will use the same manganese-spinel based chemistry and polymer battery cells as the Volt. The 8 kwh battery - containing half the energy of the Volt battery pack - will be packaged in a rectangular-shaped box under the cargo floor.

The lithium-ion battery can be fully recharged in four to five hours by simply connecting the vehicle to any standard 110V household electrical outlet. By recharging rather than refueling, the Buick plug-in hybrid significantly improves fuel economy and reduces petroleum use. In early testing, the plug-in hybrid is capable of electric-only propulsion for more than 10 miles at low speeds.

On the road, GM's 2-Mode plug-in hybrid system can use any combination of electric or gasoline engine power to move the vehicle, depending on the driving conditions. This differs from GM's Voltec technology, which provides the Volt with up to 40 miles of emissions- and petroleum-free electric-only propulsion, and an overall range of more than 300 miles with its flex-fuel engine-generator.

In addition to the lithium-ion battery pack, the Buick plug-in hybrid's powertrain features two powerful electric motors, sophisticated electronic controls and battery management systems and an efficient direct-injected 3.6L V-6 flex-fuel engine.<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->

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Intriguing. It would be nice if they would offer something in the Enclave though too...in 2011, I'll have two teens and one almost a teen, so I'm not sure a smaller size would work well for me.

I guess we'll see. I would call it a step in the right direction.

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Will they ever wake up and realize there is still a market segment that still wants/desires a 2 door coupe--- Hint: the Riviera concept would be a great vehicle to fill this void and put a "flagship" model back into the showrooms that would attract buyers back into the Buick showroom--- Oh, but they would still have to offer a few other "car" choices for people to choose from -- other than the current 2 car line and cross-over---- maybe even an"entry" level Buick model with styling that would appeal and be affordable to the younger generation--but alas, that will never happen --- makes too much sense-- more than a beancounter can comprehend!!! Some of us do not have the need nor desire for a four-door vehicle. I don't care about ease of entry into the back seat for my passengers-- I'm not the one going back there. If I wanted to haul the whole neighborhood around, I'd go buy a bus!! This also tends to eliminate the freeloaders that always say, "you drive- your cars bigger & roomier". I'm not your chauffuer!! I'm not trying to ruffle feathers, or offend those that do prefer a 4 door, but, when we all were a few years younger, (Teens, 20's- further?) didn't we generally refer to a four door anything as an "Old Mans Car"? How many of you really had such a strong passionate burning desire to hurry up after graduating high school and buying your first car actually said "wow" I just gotta have that" 4 door ( type in your choice)." What GTO', Road Runner, Chevelle SS, Buick GS, 442, Corvette, etc., Muscle car was ever made in a 4-door. To me, they (4-doors) weren't cool than- they still aren't and never will be. With Buick only selling such currently-- how can they ever hope to shake that moniker and attract a younger generation???? While the current/new Buick line up may be excellent, well built cars, until the real "car guys" are put back in charge, It is going to be a Looooong time before I purchase another New Buick!!!

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Bravo Don.

Thank you for calling a spade a spade.

As a kid / teen I didn't have the exposure to cars to call any of them "youthful" or "old man" cars. However, I have to agree that at that age we all wanted 2 doors. I still say the styling of the last generation Riviera still looks modern some ten years later. Find a platform for it, update it slightly, and produce it. Add an extra horsepower driveline and call it a GS. Oh...then advertise it.

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