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not sure if this is the right area


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I would like to know a little more about my new car and engine and trans. So I have writen down all the # from car, engine, trans. The tag on body is





Serial# 7550379

#s on engine are

Head 679769-1

block 11-5 666029

Trans. #




Back part of trans(overdrive)



Any info would be great like color of body, options, if engine is the origanal.



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Did you get that engine number from a raised casting on the block? The engine number you need to verify is the one on the raised flat pad on the front driver's side of the engine just below the cylinder head. Here is some information about the C-18 Chryslers. You can send the car serial number to Chrysler's museum/historical collection along with $45.00 or so and they will get you a copy of the build sheet for that exact car. It will tell you what color and trim was on the car from the beginning.


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Here is some more information. I would also go with the build sheet because it will give you the correct engine number along with the other information that's worth the money to know. I CANNOT verify this, but by your numbers given and the chart I posted, your engine looks to be about the correct engine for that car.


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