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help with finding part

Guest robertseagles

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Guest robertseagles

Hello all,

I recently inherited my mothers 1990 chyrsler tc maserati yellow with ginger int. I have found that the rear right window doesn't go up and down all the way. I pulled it from the car to find the problem. I found that the metal gear in the regulator has around 20% of the gears stripped the window slides up and down fine. I have gone to several auto parts stores and can't find a replacement gear or complete replacement. Is there anyone that can help me find or have what I,m looking for.

Thanks to all for the help.

I have always loved the car and hope to keep it for years to come.


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Hello Robert,

Congratulations on your TC. Considering it was your mom's I guess you want to keep it as nice as you can.

There are lots of parts on eBay. I keep about 6 searches that I check a couple of times a week. "Chrysler TC", "Maserati TC", "Chrysler Maserati", "Maserati Chrysler", "Chrysler Maserati TC", "Maserati Chrysler TC". They mostly come up as duplicate searches; but many times different items do show up.

That gear is on eBay quite often, You can also check with "Car_Chick" creseida@yahoo.com , Hemi Andersen Hemland@aol.com , info@tcparts.com , mkolner14@hotmail.com , there are also some folks taking a TC apart from time to time that notify us right here. Good Luck, Lou

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