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1955 Chrysler Wheel Interchange?

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Hi. I have a set of four very nice, original steel wheels that I removed from my 18,000 mile, 1955 Chrysler Windsor, model C67, when I went to factory wire wheels. I would like to get these wheels into the hands of someone who can use them. I imagine they fit other years of MOPAR, as well.

Hopefully, someone with a Hollander's or other kind of interchange manual, can let know the total range of cars these wheels fit? These wheels are 15" x 5.5". The Chrysler part number is 1142887. I would appreciate the help. Thanks. John in Wisconsin

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I have a 56 Imperial that came with an extra set of wheels. 15 inch. The bolt circle is BIG like 5 1/2 or 6 inch. The guy down the street grabbed them right up for his 57 Imperial. He said that the 57s and newer had 14 inch wheels and would cause some brake problems from heat. The air doesnt have room to move around between the drum and the 14 inch wheel as well as with the 15 inch wheel. I would think that this would make the 15 inch wheels quite valuable for the guys with the newer cars.

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Guest Bob Call

Jolly John

I checked my Hollander (41 thru 61) and the closest I could find was #1142895 being 15 X 5.5 for 49 thru 54 DeSoto taxi. It shows the part numbers for 55 Windsor are 1319670 and 1635360.

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Hi, Bob. Thank you so much for actually checking in your Hollander's book. I'll double check the part number I posted for the 1955 Chrysler wheels. I got it out of a factory 1955 MOPAR parts book I have (covers just 1955). I bet the number I posted was superceded later on by one of the numbers you posted. From the '55 parts book, I can tell what you are saying is right on, regarding two numbers showing up in your Hollander's. The Windsor C67 offered both 5.5" wide and 6" wide wheels in 1955.

I would like to get back to you, to take one more shot at the interchangability. I'll try to dig up more info first. I appreciate your time. John in Wisconsin

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Hello again, Bob. I've now completed the research, and it turns out the two part numbers you posted (1319670 and 1635360) are for identical spec. MOPAR wheels (5.5" x 15", with a 4.5" bolt circle). Both of your numbers superceded my '55 Chrysler Windsor wheel part number of 1142887.

So, your Hollander's interchange info is exactly what I need. At your convenience, please let me know the interchange applications for the 1319670/1635360 wheels. Thank you very much for your help, and your time. Best, John

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Guest hkobbervig


I stumbled upon this forum while doing a search for 1955 Plymouth Belvedere wheels. I have the 1955-58 parts list that covers Plymouth, Dodge, Desoto, Chrysler and Imperial. It shows wheel sizes as follows:

15x4.5 Plymouth 55-66 10" brakes

15x5 Plymouth 55-56 11" brakes

15x5.5 Plymouth Fury 56, Dodge 55-56, Chrysler and Imperial 55-56

There are some exceptions for wagons and larger brakes. Now to confuse what is perfectly clear, there are three different part numbers listed that are all for 55-56 vehicles. They are:

1635 360

1534 619

1319 670

I hope this is some help.


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