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To sell or not to sell...


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Ok guys looking for your opinion on this one, I have the '66 Mustang 6cyl, in excellent condition, have done everything to it, from stem to stern. She does not leak anything and I would trust it driving across the country, The paint is in about 8/10 condition. Anyway, I am wondering if I should sell it? It was my first car, but I hate it. I never drive it, and it is so uncomfortable! I drive it maybe 1000 miles a year, because I am 6'2'' and those little pony seats hurt my back! I have 5 other cars, and I am thinking of selling it for grad school. I should be able to get around $10,500 for it, here in CA.... What do you guys think?

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you said:

"I should be able to get around $10,500 for it, here in CA"

so we assume that is what you want for it

Place a for sale sign in the window, drive it to work/school or take it to Pomona or Long Beach to the swap meets OR place it on Craigslist, PLENTY of lookers/buyers with all that exposure

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Somebody once said "Life is too short to dance with ugly women"

Why keep a car which you do not like??

If you don't like the car (and you obvciously do not), pass it along to somebody who will enjoy, or even treasure it, --

and maybe even at a modest price just to encourage youth in the hobby -

I have done this in the past - the warm-all-over feeling is irreplaceable, and who knows what, or whom you may inspire -- it it not always and only about the almighty dollar.

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Well, I am one of those young people in the hobby, I am 21! I want to sell it, so, I can make $$$ to pay for grad school, I am graduating in Dec. from Undergrad, and I am debt free! And I want to stay that way! I do however want to sell it to someone who wont chop it, etc. And I want to keep a tab on it, so, one day, perhaps 40 or 50 years from now, if I want it back I can find it! It is just an extra, I mean, I have 5 others! It was my first, but, it was before I got picky about what classics I like and before I found and bought my grandpa's '48 Lincoln..

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I have made the mistake of selling cars that I should not have sold. With me, it was always a matter of needing money and nothing to do with comfort. I say that if you think that you will ever regret it, don't sell it. If you think that you will never like it or fit in it as this case may be, sell it and move on.

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Expecting people to value your car with the description you provided isn't realistic.

"I have the '66 Mustang 6cyl, in excellent condition, have done everything to it, from stem to stern. She does not leak anything and I would trust it driving across the country, The paint is in about 8/10 condition."


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Well, Peter it is more than just what I have done, but, here is a list:


new shocks

All new wiring

carb. redone

new fuel pump


Michelin 100,000 mile tires

Brakes last week



tune up

rebuilt engine

new ignition

AM/FM/CASS/CD Mustang radio


Paint (8/10 cond.)

All new chrome

newer pony interior

metal plate between trunk and interior

orig. Mustang headrests

all int. chrome cleaned

int. 9/10 condition

spinner hubcaps (mustang spinners!)

new gas cap

Here is what the car is:

6cyl, pony interior, ac, am/fm/cass/cd changer in trunk, she leaks nothing, a ten footer, it has the nicer racer steering wheel, optional for '66, shoulder belts, extra parts you can trust this one across country, the only con is the suspension, it sometimes creeks when warmer out, it needs new rubber stuff

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Have you looked up its value in Old Car Value Guide? They can give you a pretty good "guess" as to its value if you are honest with yourself on the vehicles condition.

Here is what NADA has to say about your car.

1966 Ford Mustang 2 Door Hardtop Coupe price report at NADAguides.com

Otherwise, pay a reputable appraiser if you want an unbias valuation.

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Sell it for these reasons:

1. You don't like it.

2. The other cars in you garage are more interesting.

3. You could use the money.

4. The 66 Mustang 6 cylinder wasn't much of a car when new, thusly

it won't survive to be special later in life.

5. Your "first car" only gets better in you mind after it's gone.

6. Whatever you get for it will be it's current worth and it's condition

will only deteriorate if you keep it and don't love it.

7. The happiest guys in this hobby love their cars, and their pride in that

love can show for years.

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I think your realize that the question you ask is rhetorical. I can't tell you what the car is worth. I can only provide guidelines. There are just way to many variables.

You are the final authority and what you want for it. The buyer is the final authority and what they are willing to pay. If you 2 match then BINGO - you made a sale.

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My uncle took me to buy my first car. He would not take me to look at cars I wanted. He only took me to look at cars he thought I should buy. So I ended up with a car I didn't care for. I sold it. Do I miss my first car? Never. There are plenty of cars I would love to have. My first car is nowhere on that list. So if you don't like it, don't fit in it, have other more interesting cars, and need the money, what are you keeping it for?

People can only give you price guides to approximate what it is worth. You apparently want some guarantee that it is worth $10,500. No one can do that except the person that buys it. Put it up for sale at that price. If it doesn't sell, then it is not worth it, and lower the price.

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In the past I have sold a Mustang rally car, a Corvair Monza convertible, a Dodge Dart convertible, a 55 Safari, and I wish that I had them now.

Ps, I thought I got a good price for the Safari, as I recieved the same price that I paid for it after driving it for 6 months. ($35)

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It cracks me up when I hear people say " I wish I never sold that car" many years after the fact. I have been guilty of the same thing. :( What people forget is the storage problems, frequent work the car needed, other priorities such as family or a job, illness and finances at the time all of which created the need to sell it. They just remember the "car" and how well it would fit into their current lifestyle.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks Mustangs are so common I am tired of seeing them and never give one a second look no matter how nice it is unless its a Shelby or Boss. They are popular for a reason because they are nice cars but the market is saturated with excellent examples.

From what you have said, sell the car now while classic car interest is still relatively high due to the season or hang onto it until spring. Watch ebay completed auctions to get an idea what similar cars are going for. Since you have such a common car, you will have a lot of competition in the market which will drive the price down.

For example a friend has a Buick Grand National in impeccable condition but there are so many other nice cars for sell, he can't get near what he feels the value is. On the flip side a guy had a nice Boss 302 and he could have sold 5 of them for his asking price.

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