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1989 Black/tan Coupe

Guest DTerry

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Guest DTerry

I’m tired of crawling around under old cars, and I’m no longer going to do it. I intend to get down to 2 newish cars (plus the pick-up, of course) for everyday driving and no more toys. I have an ’89 black and tan with 16 way seat and no sunroof with 220,000 or so miles on it that I’ve owned for the last 6 ½ years that I’m ready to let go. It has some issues – none serious – that I’m not going to bother with for the above stated reason.

The anti-lock hasn’t worked since I bought it, except for brief periods when it mysteriously started working. The cd changer (in the trunk, added by me) just quit, and the radio seems to have an antenna problem in that you can tune stations, but the seek function doesn’t work. When a station is tuned, it’s very weak. I have two or three spares, at least one of which works – maybe all. The trunk lock is broken, but it opens normally with the remote and the glove box button. The light show will work if you force it, but normal operation of the driver’s door will not trigger it. The headliner, which was replaced in 2003, is held up with twist pins. The passenger side door has a rattle that you can cancel with the window switch, so I surmise it has something to do with the window riser. The driver’s side door armrest just developed the first crack. The driver’s seat is worn, so I have sheepskin covers on both seats.

Comes with a trunk load of spare parts, most of which even work. Also 3 remotes: two Cadillac and one Buick. Factory Service Manual and Owner's Manual.

The car looks and drives great. I’ve put the last 82,000 miles on it. Two kids drove it in high school and their first two years of college, and it has been my prime transport on solo road trips (still returns 31 mpg freeway cruising). It has been a really great car, but enough is enough.

If you’re interested, email me at dterry@XXcebridge.net and I can send you photos and any information you desire. Remove the XX.

It grew up in Florida and East Texas and is rust free - except for the surface rust on the bottom, of course, which they all have. Original exhaust.

$1500. I can help with delivery to the vicinity of a major airport.

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