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1928-35 4 door convertible/phaeton

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I am looking for a fairly solid project. I have many years of restoration experience and am not afraid of any job but the car needs to be pretty complete.

Buick is at the top of my list but I am open to anything that is not a Ford. Please respond with price/pics/location.

Any leads are also appreciated.

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Just curious -have you had this car long? It looks like you are thinking about selling. I do not know about your local contacts, but I think I can find you some people locally that would be interested. If something you think might work, could you send me some photos at j.scheib@comcast.net and I will see if I can get you in contact with some people. I suspect you will hear from the guy in Oregon. It sure meets his criteria, price may be an issue.

E-mail me back direct as indicated above.


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