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1964 Wildcat 425 choke blade conundrum...

Guest Madeleine

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Guest Madeleine

Forum ~ I'm knew to the forum & have a question about the choke blade in my 1964 Wildcat (425 Nailhead). Each time I start cold, I am greeted with only the "er, er, er..." of the starter & no "vroooom" resulting. I try this routine a couple times using various pumps of the accelerator but, to no avail. I'm quite certain I'm not flooding it. I usually end up under the hood having to remove the air cleaner housing to reveal the carburetor. I usually notice the blade postion as not quite verticle (45 degree angle, perhaps..) confused.gif Only when I manipulate the blade by hand (with the helpful assistance of my wife at the helm) is the CAT able to start.

I'm by no stretch of the imagination, "a mechanic." However, I am willing to learn or as a last resort, dollar.gif someone to do the repair while I observe. I've no idea what kind of choke assembly I have. As far as I know, the engine is all stock. I will post kodak.gif of the carburetor/choke location on my next post (under the assumption I can figure out how to post a photo.)pray.gif

I would appreciate any assistance in helping me to resolve this matter w/o having to hire a mechanic (if at all possible). I do have all the various body & chassis manuals for the car. The manual doesn't specifically instruct how to troubleshoot the problem I seem to be experiencing. I anxiously await your response(s).

~ Madeleine (aka - Patrick) user.gif

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Guest windjamer

Pat. Raise the hood and remove the air cleaner when the eng. is cold. Ask the wife to step on the gas pedel or work the linkage by hand. Watch the choke. It should close compleatly.If not check to see it moves freely. You should have a round black thermostat on the side of the carb. Loosen the three screws and turn the stat. toward the rich a notch or two. Watch the blade,it should close. Have someone crank the eng. The blade should open slightly as soon as the car starts. Motor should run maby 1200 rpm untill it comes off fast idle. Choke should open full in just a few min. in warm weather 8-12 min. in cold. Let me know how you make out.

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