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2010 Iowa Website now available Hotels & More

Bill Stoneberg

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Excellent. We're booked into the Holiday Inn Ames Conference Center. Note that the centralized booking doesn't work yet as they say they only have rates to mid-July next year. Calling the hotel directly works, but they will be getting back to me with a second confirmation number.

The room with 2 queens also has a sofa bed, so it is perfect for the 5 of us.

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Bill - I love the fact that you have youth sizing in the mix. I presume from the looks of it that the printing and such is being handled through a third party...definitely makes it easier to deal with colours and sizes. I didn't go far enough to see though - is there an option to pick them up at the meet rather than pay shipping (and for Canuckistanis taxes and duty at the border)?

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Guest sintid58

I have had my room reserved for several months but took it at the Gateway thinking because it was listed first that it would be the host hotel for the meet.

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The gateway is the Host Hotel and that is where the dinner is going to be on Saturday night.

Derek, yes, there is an option to pick up the shirts at the meet. As there had to be some charge for that (computers, what can you say), it will cost you 1 cent American to do that.

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What are you looking for in T shirts. A good friend has a Company in Cedar Rapids that does all types of t-shirts.

We may be able to get a break, plus it will keep the money locally. I get all my work related clothing for the company there.

Call me if need be.319-247-2403 office


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Hi Mark,

Good to see you yesterday.

As Merchandising has been a challenge in the past with leftover items and slim margins, if any, sizes , colors, and finding someone to take on the task. We have given the Merchandiser exclusive rights to market T's and so forth.

At the end they cut us a check for for a prearranged margin based on volume.

He is based in Ankeny, Iowa so is a local guy.

Supporting the Merchandiser supports the BCA and the the National.

He will have many more items available in Ames.

I'm keeping your number..


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Frank, the lack of pockets in Polo shirts is a pet peeve of mine. I do not need the pocket for cigs since I don't smoke, I just need it to put whatever can fit in there. When I am on the toll roads, I like to put my money in my shirt which makes it a lot easier to get it, etc, etc.

Just my 2 cents.

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