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1928 Graham Drive Train

Guest runnin55

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Guest runnin55

I recently purchased a 1928 Graham Panel Truck. It has a complete running drive train. The engine starts right up, the transmission (3 speed) shifts good the rear end seems fine. I drove it around town and it drives good at 25 mile per hour. The engine has a small amount of smoke out of the tailpipe when you first start the engine. It has 24000 original miles. I bought from the grandson of the original owner.I am also selling all the 19 inch wood artillery wheels and tires. All the engine accessories, original heater, exhaust, front axle, steering box etc. The wiring is no good. I will take apart carefully, and mark all odd parts.

This was a complete vehicle with everything but the taillights. The only thing I am keeping is the frame and body. I am going to start removing parts in late August or early September. Please e mail if interested, and supply name and phone number so I can contact you with more detailed information. I live just east of Peoria, Illinois. This is for pickup only. I do not want to separate the parts I would prefer to sell as one lot. When I have sold parts one at a time it become to time consuming to ship all over.

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