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Nailhead Parts Help - Books R Wrong

Guest 52buick72r

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Guest 52buick72r

Morning All - I've got a stumper to start things off with. Back in April, I bought a bunch of Nailhead parts and I'm just now getting around to figuring out their exact application. And before you all ask, I do have the Buick Parts books; both Body and Chassis. So here it is:

Intake Manifold; casting # 1363782. One of the V-8 Engine Books I have on hand lists part and casting numbers, but in truth, all it lists is the part numbers sourced from the same Buick Chassis book. And as far as I can tell, the part number and casting number are very different. Although I read something online that stated the listed manifold is for 1964-1965 401 engines, I am wondering if anyone can verify this.

Exhaust Manifolds: casting # 1361860 and 1368827. Neither appear in the Buick Chassis parts book I have. They bolt up to the heads I have, which apply to '60 and up 401 engines, but I have no clue as to their exact application.

Water Manifold: casting # 1356095 (or is it 1358095 - still cleaning it up). Same situation. In fact, from here out, I have run into the same "missing number" deal. I'm beginning to wonder if Buick change numbers along the way?!

Water Pump: 1259146 (or is it 1250146 - still cleaning it).

Oil Pump: 1362484.

Rocker Arms: 1186317 and 1186316.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide on the above!


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Guest 52buick72r

Thanks for the help - except that the information listed on the Buick Team Web site is incorrect! The V-8 engine book I have in hand is the "Ultimate American V-8 Engine Data Book; 1949-1974." The "casting or part number" information the author provides within said book under Buick is actually all of the part numbers, not casting numbers - with very few exceptions. The Web site you directed me to has pulled the same information....which lists part numbers, not casting numbers.

Which is the trouble I find with a lot of books - once published, it's often taken for gospel...and can provide the wrong information to those not in the know. And since nobody (that I'm aware of) has found a set of NOS Nailhead cylinder heads still in the box... complete with the original part number...

Which brings me back to my original questions listed above. I hope my tone does not suggest distaste - I do appreciate the assistance - however I find myself in the same pickle jar as when I started.

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Guest DaveCorbin

Dear Matt:

You are correct that the casting numbers and the part numbers are almost always different. If the casting requires so much as one lick of machining or painting, the number changes.

This is done for costing reasons. The casting number is exactly that, a raw casting ready for machining. The part number is the machined casting plus any pressed-in or screwed-in items, THE COST OF MACHINING AND THE COST OF THE ADDED PIECES. What Buick sells for service is a ready to use item at the part number (not casting number) level, and the price must reflect all costs.

All is not lost,however. Usually, the practice is to have the part number 1 or 2 numbers different from the casting number. This isn't always so, but it works much of the time. I hope this helps.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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