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37 Zephyr


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Hello All

Last weekend I took the Zephyr down to the Rally of the giants (ROG) just north of London, I did 100 miles then met up with Pete Birtles and his 39 coupe to travel the last 150, the cars ran very well at 65/70mph, pete has a 2speed, mine is single, we only hit one small shower of rain, and arrived at the hotel about 6.30, even seeing what was parked in the hotel car park on the Saturday night wetted my appetite for the Sunday, I must admit to being led astray a bit by Peter Birtles forcing alchohol into me till 2 am, there was a nice barbacue laid on as well (from what I can remember).

The sunday was a mixture of rain and sun, we got to the showfield about 10am, and I managed to shake off my hangover by about 2pm, but there was some very nice cars there, Packards Hupmobile Chryslers Cady's, (I could easily have spent £200,000 if I had it), met up with Colin and Adrian Spong who had the 2 37 4doors and the 37 coupe, Bernie had his 38 convertible coupe, Mike Williams was there, but unfortunately his car wasn't, and Julian Balms 41 Continental is awaiting a rear axle transplant, but with Pete's 39 coupe, and my 37 it was a nice line up of Lincolns.

Bernie won a 1st for the 38 convertible, which I am sure he was very pleased with, and deserved.

We fueled up and left for home at about 5pm, traveling at 65/70 again, we went through some very heavy rain storms, and after about 100 miles I noticed the temparature starting to rise, so pulled in, on checking under the hood the fan belt was shredded, and in the process had wrapped itself around the fan and sheared it off it's rubber bonding to the hub, fortunately Pete Birtles had a spare fanbelt with him (I had a spare which I had put away for safe keeping, and could not find it before the trip) we put the new belt on, took the fan and hub assy off, and put it in the trunk, topped the water up and set off again at a steady 50/55, after another 50 miles and with a wave Pete turned off for home, I carried on, stopping twice just to check the water level, but all was well, got home at about 11.30pm.

The engine ran very well and is very willing, it's roller lifters seem to be performing OK, it did a total of 503 miles at 16.5 mpg, and used 3 pints of oil, (and a fan belt), not too bad for an old motor.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am nursing this crankshaft, as it is ground to the limit, minus .060 thou, I would be interested if anyone has a later big bearing crank for sale. email me at peternedsmith@tiscali.co.uk


Peter Smith UK

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Hi Peter,

From what i remember you didn't take too much leading astray!:D I've been blaming yourself for leading me astray. Had a fantastic weekend though, it always is a show worth traveling to, & going the night before allows you to let your hair down a little.

Thanks for the replacement fan belt which arrived during the week, hope to see you again soon.


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