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Sit and Steer Jeep, part source and photo help.


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This followed me home last weekend from a swap meet. Does anyone have one in their collection and be willing to share a photo? If I could see what is missing I could stand a chance of making it. I believe it may have had a rear step or tail board. It is also missing a siren from the hood.

Does anyone have a source for parts on these?

Thank you.



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My father has three of these. One is a fire truck like yours, one is painted yellow like a construction vehicle, and the third was repainted green by my grandfather many years ago. I believe his fire truck is also missing whatever was on the hood. I'll post some photos tomorrow.

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Steve thank you very much for the photos of the Jeep. Your fire Jeep is also missing the tail section and siren just like the one I purchased. My guess would be It may have had a small tail step and a rail on both sides. I think that is what I will make up for the one I have here. Winter project between the money pit Divco I'm into.

You are a good looking young lad too. I want you to know I did a double take to make sure you had BVD's in the photo on the left though.

Take care.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

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