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To the paint shop at last


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After sitting in the garage for the last six years, my 41 club coupe has finally gone back to the paint shop. The body work was all done six years ago, including a new floor pan from Bradley. There are a few touchups and some fine tuning to smooth the body, but the major work is done, so it shouldn't be long before it gets color. Mine is an early 41 production car, originally painted 1940 Lincoln maroon , not the 1941 volanta coach maroon color. Going back with the original.

Does anybody know if the rear seat ashtray covers were painted the interior tan color, or woodgrained, or chromed? The authenticity manual says they were woodgrained, but I don't think that's right. I think they were painted the interior tan color??

Anybody have 41 coupe door panels or club coupe rear interior quarter panels they want to part with? Or the stainless steel trim strip for the doors and quarter panels? Not likely I know, but worth a shot!

A lot of good information goes through this forum, thanks to all the regular contributors, you all know who you are.

John Walker



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