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Interesting Auction in Bolivar MO


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On my way home from picking up my Riviera a couple of weeks ago, I happened to pass by this place. It is a private collection that is being auctioned off this Saturday. I was in awe of all the rare and exotic autos, trucks and gas station signs etc that this guy had acquired. It's my understanding the current state real estate market business is forcing the sale of it all at no reserve. If so, my heart goes out to the gentleman. The auction website doesn't even list some of the most rare of the cars and I have pictures of some of those that I will try and post later. If you're anywhere close it may be an event you want to make.

VanDerBrink Auctions - Yvette VanDerBrink Auctioneer

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Let me add what a joy a Vanderbrink auction is. She does a great job with a lot of energy and honesty. I have seen her deal with some sellers in no reserve auctions that have sellers remorse about half way through and want to shut the whole thing down and I have seen Yvette work with full blown cancer with more energy then I possess in a regular day.

I can't go to this auction BUT I am taking a 3 day vacation to attend an auction she is running in southeast Wisconsin on August 8 featuring a lot of Packard stuff. I doubt I will be a buyer but I love project car auctions.

I went to one of her auctions in northwest Minnesota where a fellow could have bought 10 years worth of cool projects for $1000 (2-4 cars/trucks)

Yes this Bolivar auction will be nice and I recommend going to it.

Thanks for pointing this out Lamar and please do post photos to help this seller bring top dollar.

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Guest Orphanauto

I just came back from the auction that is tomorrow in Bolivar. They have a preview day today. I loved the cars, some ( alot ) need somework. The signs on the walls, and hanging are not part of the sale :( , I wanted a few, but the buuilding and owner also has a antique store. but over all, let me say, the Nash Healey was great looking, as was the 50 Jag, a Crosley truck, and a few others that really were show cars. There are some that are nice drivers, such as a 55 Cadillac, not show, but clean driver from Iowa. as well as some other "nice" drivers. There are some needs work, that are worth it, such as the 39 Studebaekr truck, oh, the Hudson truck was a nice looking driver, Some of the stuff looked good for a museum, but didn't run, mostly stuff like the Packard 1918 or 20 2 ton. as well as some of the other really old trucks, a few did look like they ran, but I could tell a few were missing a few things on the engine. anyway, I will be there, so, If you see a guy with glasses wearing a Studebaker t-shirt say hi.

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