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Is this the right generator regulator?

Guest adam_knox

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Guest adam_knox

Hey gang,

Could someone do me a favor and quick check their part guide numbers to see if these generator regulators will work for my generator? Bought them at IOLA, and they guy wasn't sure if these are fit or not. I can't find the Auto-Lite number for my generator regulator when I check my books.

The generator # is GGU-6001A for a 1949 Chrysler (6 cylinder with M6 Tran)

The regulator # Auto-Lite A-33 as well as the # VR-2

The 2nd Regulator is a Sorensen VR-68 (55-7 amp).

If someone could at least post the #'s of regulators that work with my car that would be swell, as the Motor's seemed to neglect to give the correct #. My trusty sources at NAPA and Advanced Autoparts couldn't find any leads either.

Thanks much in advance!

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Guest stude8

For what its worth my Blue Streak catalog says their number for regulator used with GGU generator on 49 Chrysler is VR-326X.

The Niehoff catalog has application descriptions for:

Early 49 Chrysler listed as AL-150 (6v; POS Ground; 43/35 AMP generator) *no OEM number

Late 49 Chrysler listed as AL-156 (6v; POS Ground; 50/42 AMP generator) *no OEM number.

Echlin book has 1955 Imperial 6 volt with GGU generator regulator number VR29. Their alltime application chart shows VR29 is three unit type; POS Ground; 50-62 AMP

Then the Autolite OEM part numbers:

(8-73) (VBO-4602A)

(8-77) (VBO-4602F)

(8-65) (VBO-4601A)





These cover Chrysler 49-55; DeSoto 55-60; Checker 55-58; Ford & truck 54-56; Dodge & truck 50-55.

Maybe these leads will help another cross reference listing for the brand regulator you have.


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Guest adam_knox

Thank you so much! That will definitely help in the hunt! Really surprised at the number of different generators used by Chrysler between 49-55! Thanks again for taking the time to look up the numbers!~Adam

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