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Reatta Glamour Shots thread post favorite pics

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The white 1991 convertible has been with us since about 1993, purchased with 26K, it now has 44K.

The three Reattas is a few years old, but the white '91 is there, a Driftwood '90 coupe and a 50K Burgundy '90 that I sold to get the bride the Maui Blue '91 she wanted (it had 82K)



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I use a Photobucket account (free) :cool:

You can upload the pics from your computer and then just add the IMG tags to your post here - posts the pic as real size, no resizing - provides a nice big picture right on the page and this is my preferred method of posting pics.

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FYI most of the smaller images can be left click then click on open link and it will enlarge. I think it was Ronnie that taught me that.

Yes, and if you run your mouse over the pic a popup tells you the original 100% size that it is. ;)

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Village of Brodheadsville in the Pocono area of Pennsylvania, about a mile from my home. This Reatta was sold this morning, se my posts in "Reattas for Sale"



Regards - Steve

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