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Chevrolet historical facts


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Anyone know of a site where I can check out numbers to confirm a chevrolet is as seller says? Its a '61 Chev htp but how to confirm it is an original "SS" Impala & also original 348 cu in 350 HP tripower engine with 4 spd?

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the engine code stamped on the block should be letter(for plant) # #(for month) # # (for assembly day 1 or 2 digit) letter(s) (for suffix code 1 or 2 letters)<BR>The suffix for a 348 CID. 350 HP. Manual trans. w/ 3-2bbls is:FH <BR>a 280hp version suffix is: FA<BR>Those codes are only good for 1961. Anything else is wrong year engine.<P>As for SS option, I'm no help. Sorry.

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