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Fresh barn Find 1928 Dodge

Guest mattlepperd

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Guest mattlepperd

Standard Six It is complete and has surface rust..NO rot holes anywhere. All glass is intact and interior is complete. It still has the engine starter crank laying on the floor in the back seat.

The wood wheels are nice,doors all open and close like new and the old man told me "I drove it into the barn"

I am looking to sell this car to fund some other projects. If I do not find a deserving buyer who promises NOT to hot rod this car I will be restoring it myself.







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Guest mattlepperd

The car is in Southeast Wisconsin and to be honest I have not arrived at an asking price because I need to do some research on it first. I have seen where a couple cars in simular condition were in the 8k range. I am in the early stages of playing with it. The more I look,the more I like. I SHOULD sell some of my other cars and keep this one..but I am leaning towards selling at the moment.

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Guest austincar6

If you can get the motor to run you will be just under the 8k. If you can get it to run and drive you could get alot more . OR you might find out you like driving it.

I looked at a 1929 Dodge that was in about the same shape. not runing, he was asking $3,500

hope this helps

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