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G78x14 Dual Stripe Whitewall Tire

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I have a UNIROYAL G78x14, dual stripe whitewall tire for sale. This is a presentable original tire that would be perfect for a period-looking spare in your trunk, or for display in a tire stand.

This UNIROYAL tire has “GLAS-BELT” and “FASTRAK BELTED” embossed on the sidewalls. The tread shows even wear and is still respectable in appearance. The sidewalls have very minor crazing, but look pretty good. Again, I am selling this tire for use as a spare or for static display….not to run down the road at speed. Sold “as is”, with no warranty.


As described, this old original tire has some flaws, but it just seemed too “special” to recycle. The price is just $15.00, plus shipping. Shipping in the U.S. will likely run between $18.00 and $28.00, depending on your location. The buyer is also welcome to pick this tire up in Plover, <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:pWisconsin </ST1:p</st1:State>(the central part of the state). Happy to answer any questions. Thanks. John



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