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1935 buick


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hello everyone

maybe someone can help,i am looking for a 1935 buick 60 series convertible,this particular car was in the west virginia area in the late 40s and fifties,this vehicle was registered to the enrico coal mining co,it was originally black and repainted a sky blue,it was last seen in the morgantown area in 52 or 53,my dad had owned this car in the late 40s after selling it he tried to buy it back without any luck,he lost track of the vehicle in about 54,we made different trips from michigan back to see family an my father always looked for this car,my father is in his eighties and still talks about it,would like to know if anybody knows about this car i believe it is rather rare an hope to find out if it survived so i can let my dad know, i dont have a vin or any other info,thanks for reading


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Guest 40series

There is a 35 Model 66C registered to a James Peters in Pulaski,Va. according tot he BCA roster. May be a lead.

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