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Got a Little Tail Last Week, Movies & Photos attached 56K beware


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Tail of The Dragon that is.Atlanta197.jpg?t=1247545947

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Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap and Cherohala Skyway, Graham Co, NC 316 turns in 11 miles.


I can report to Jim Finn that no Reattas were seen except as follows later.


Along the way I almost dropped in on a friend but couldn't find him.

If you have good eyes you can see the photo cars trying for that prize shot of the cars and bikes. Not all made it.




A couple of bikes were along the way.




Along the way I dropped in on a good friend, name withheld to protect the innocent. Two absolutely gorgeous Reattas one being a pristine very rare Select 60 convertible.


Also seen on the road...

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Guest kennyw

Nice refresher for me. The last time, should say the only time I did the Dragon was on a 1947 Indian chief with a sidecar attached. Something like 333 turns in not many miles? A rear arm test for sure. I was told the road was built in the depression and they were paid by the mile. They made it as long as they could. Almost nothing straight to make the road shorter........My friend did it last year on a Honda TRANS-ALP. That is a motorcycle made for dessert runs. He says he was passing the crotch rockets with it. Was a time, might still be when they raced the Dragon. They use radios and later cell phones to tell when the law was near. You saw the pix. of the tree of shame? cycle parts from crashes.............Ken

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