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Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm

Guest Dynaflo2

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Realistically this generation of Riviera convertibles is challenged to get over $15,000 - $20,000 in this condition. They are nice, but still fairly plentiful not because of original production numbers but because people knew they would be collectable.

Style wise they are O.K. but does anyone believe they are knock-outs?

I think the 2 door hardtops are more nicely styled then the convertible, which was an adaptation of an obvious full roof design.

The problem is what can you buy with your $15,000 to $20,000 [let's just continue laughing about the $48,000] that you would want more then this car? A lot of Buicks that what.

The 79-85 Rivieras are a great period in Riviera styling and worth collecting for sure but not in the stratosphere pricing range

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I wonder about the originality of it. The listing says V6 turbo. I had an 84 Riv, and it had to be a T-Type to get the turbo. This car does not have certain T-Type elements (wheels, exterior emblems, interior emblems, steering wheel, etc)...and I can't see the motor to even verify it's what should be in there. Just raises questions on the car.

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Guest Redwind89

Just on a quick side note, in 1985 49 Riviera convertibles came with the LM9 turbo. So to check the originality of this you would have to look at the serial sticker and look for the LM9 option code.

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