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Window Regulator Rollers


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Hi All,

I have been searching for replacement rollers for my 1966 Toronado and haven't had any luck finding the main ones for the base of the window. They are about 5/8" OD.

Would anyone know a repro company / source that might carry these?

Thank you much !

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GM part #9666748

You'll have to pop them on the stud ball, which can be difficult. I've been told heating them in water helps.

We also stock an aftermarket roller which is already on a stud. The stud has to be peened over or riveted to the regulator arm.


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Guest Chad1105

Hi Oldsfan,

It looks like you're the guy to ask about the parts I need. My late uncle left a 73 Delta 88 2dr convertible to my cousin and her husband. The rear quarter windows have recently decided to cause a little trouble. Having looked into it, I've found that the lower, center guides on each side have split and fallen off. This is the approx. 1" OD guide that pops over the guide pin and runs in the center track. I looked at GM part #9666748 and it is too small. The one I need has a groove to track on either side of the steel. I have attached a picture of what is left of the split piece from the passenger side. Can you help? Not only am I a Ford guy but this is a little before my time as well.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Chad1105,


I found out (a little to late) Oldsfan works with GM. If he doesn't or can't respond soon, you may want to checkout:

ebay auction # 180156007513. dith612 lists GM PN#'s 8732651, 9812749 & 9813200. This auction states:

68-74 GM Convertable window rollers. The company is called Homepro. Although original GM parts are the way to go- you may find this information usefull.

This company has 2 rollers for about $15 bucks.

They are 1" OD rollers with 11/32" stud X 1/4" 20 thread.

Maybe not what you need, but I have bought several appications from them in the past and they will answer your questions.

Hope this helps,

Dave / streets

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