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Posting a Picture

Doug Harness

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Guest CL_Reatta

The way you were going is if you were going to insert an image from a website (you would instert the url for the image) if you wanted to insert a picture from your computer you have to go down to the manage attachments area

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Click on Gallery. Make a gallery for own photos, then link those to a post

On gallery look like "upload " may work

Also on User CP (control panel) --> Networking ---> Pictures & Albums you can "add album"

Manage attachments is down the bottom of User CP. Mine shows all the old attachments but yet to work out how to add a new attachment

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Thanks! Apparently I need to use "New Reply" not "Quick Reply" if I want to post attachments.
Yep, That seem correct :)

Has a button to "manage attachments" Was wondering how that was done

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