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Chrysler TC Parts to sell or trade

Guest ScottDWAH

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Guest ScottDWAH

<HR SIZE=1><!-- google_ad_section_start -->TC INTERIOR PARTS & ELECTRICAL ITEMS For Sale OR Trade

<HR SIZE=1>I have the following items I've collected and parts from a friend who sold his TC as well. Open to offers for everything as a package or sell individually.

I don't foresee purchasing a TC again in the near future.

I NOW OWN A '73 CHALLENGER and would be interested in trading for MOPAR parts. I started the process to build a HEMI car.

All items are PLUS shipping to your zip code.

If anyone's interested I do have PICS of everything.

6 single WINDOW SWITCHES $35 each

2 Top/Tonneau SWITCHES $35 each

1 Set TC LOCKSETS w/keys (SET) for doors, glovebox, decklid, also have glovebox door (ginger) in nice condition. Originally purchased from ghostymosty (David) as a complete set a while back for $125. Would like $125 for the set.

1 Driver's HEADLIGHT (no pits, chips, nicks, cracks, or breaks) $200

1 Driver's HEADLIGHT (few little pits, no nicks, chips, cracks, or breaks) $175

1 Passenger HEADLIGHT(no pits, nicks, chips, cracks or breaks)$275

1 Driver's side CORNERING LIGHT (very top corner has small chip) $25

1 Passenger side CORNERING LIGHT (no chips, cracks) $45

3 Driver's Door 4-WAY WINDOW switches $65 each

1 TOP/TONNEAU COMBO switch (2 switches) w/ginger faceplate mount $75

2 black TC FACTORY FLOOR MATS w/TC logos (very nice) $125

1 Chrysler DEALERSHIP glossy print TC Marketing Booklet (as new) $45

1 Black Center ARMREST (as new) w/attached ginger console lid $95

Also WOULD TRADE as a batch for 1970's Mopar parts too if anyone's interested.

Thanks for looking!

Scott in Michigan

248-941-2207<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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