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Help Wanted / ID Door Pieces

Guest vicsik1969

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Guest vicsik1969

While having a "TC weekend" for the first time in a year, I also took the opportunity to install the door lock mechanism that I purchased from Car Chick.

While inside the door, I noted the following pieces as seen in the pictures.

Piece #1 is, what I believe to be, the front stop for the power window. Does anyone have a door with parts that they could pull this piece and send it to me?

Piece #2 is a small plastic rectangular piece. Looks like it has raised grooves on two edges.

Piece #2 is a foam rubber square. Probably a stop pad of some kind but have no idea where.

Anyone that's been inside their door lately and can assist, please do.






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Guest My TC Toy

If piece 1 is a stop like you suggest, it was originally probably welded in place. Can you feel around to determine where it came from. Once you determine this maybe you could pop rivet it back in place. The other two pieces are really not important. I cannot recall any white plastic pieces in the door and a pad won't cause any problems if out of place.

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Guest vicsik1969

Sorry for the poor quality of the pix. Here are some higher resolution ones.

The front window stop came from the area of the red circle in Picture 7. The blue circle is the rearward window stop. I found this out the hard way as I unbolted the front one and the window immediately fell off the track after going too high. :)

The previous owner had bolted in the piece of metal in picture 8 which was wrapped with duct tape on one side.

The original broken piece is in Picture 8.

I also included high resolution of the plastic and foam pieces (Picture 9). I know they're probably not essential but if I can return them to their original place, I will.

Before I reassemble the door, I'm going to template the old rotting sound mat and replace it with dynamat.






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