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Dodge Hollander Part Number Help Needed


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I have a 1937 Dodge Pickup with the Windshield Regulator Assembly Part Number listed as: 745251 and Bracket Part Number listed as: 489233.

Would someone please check out their Hollander Parts Interchange Manual to see what other vehicles used these numbers and what part numbers interchanged with these numbers?

From what I can tell, these parts fit 1937 Dodge MC, MD, ME, MF and MH trucks as well as 1937 Plymouth PT50's.

I think that they also fit the 1938 model trucks.

My potmetal bracket broke and I need to know what other part numbers and makes and models could be used as replacements. My bracket has the number "265" cast on the right front side. I have seen some brackets with "259" on them but do not know their part numbers and have been told that they fit only on cars.

Thanks for your help.


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Guest Richie09

Merry Christmas Elmer, 16th and 21st Hollander do not list interchange for any vehicles windshield regulator. From your picture and part numbers I can tell you that '39-'40 Dodge/Plymouth truck regulators are different. Plymouth Commercial Vehicle photo archive (Benjamanson) states '37-'38 car and truck had one thing interchangeable-front bumper, even though they looked a lot alike. My guess is if you find a '38 truck regulator, its going to fit. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Richie

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