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HELP! Need info on circa 1935 streamlined car I just bought!

George Albright

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I just bought this monstrositity of a vehicle. Appears to have been in Michigan all of its life. Built on a circa 1930 Packard car chassis. Steam engine added in the 1940s. May have been a worlds fair show car,a non running prototype,or had a Packard 8 with its expermential front wheel drive assembly reversed. Almost certainly built in a factory. Steel body.Any photos/leads appreciated! Yes I know its ugly! George Albright,Ocala,Fla. cell 352 843 1624 email gnalbright@gmail.com





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It is a Hariss ( See Standard Catalog of American Cars). Originally made in the 1930s. I had almost purchased this one off about a decade ago, but decided against the purchase, due to the Stanley engine having been stripped out of it for another project. Good luck


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Dear Friends I am about to move the beast from Grand Rapids Michigan,to my home in Ocala,Fla. Before I do,I am going to see if anyone wants it for $25,000.I really don't want to sell it,and am looking foward to getting it under way. However,someone out there may be crazier than me! George Albright Email; gnalbright@gmail.com cell 352 843 1624. PS I have lots of photos I can email a serious buyer.

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Dear Gentlemen; Let me clear up whats going on here: The Ebay auction someone linked to right above was the original auction where it was listed and sold. The high bidder backed out,and I paid the seller quite a bit more money to sell it to me,rather than repost it on Ebay,as he had enormous interest in the first auction. Had I been able to bid at the first auction,I would have bid substantially more than it originally sold for,as I understand its great historic value. It was probably copied from one of the half dozen or so mid 30s Scout Scarabs that still survive,and that are now worth well into 6 figures. They,like this vehicle,roamed the streets of Detroit in the 1930s and 40s.If we prove the rumour that it was built for,and displayed at the 1939 Worlds Fair,then you guys know what happens to its value! My offer to sell it to someone crazier than me for 25K was only a casual remark meant to question my sanity and judgement in the first place!! Anyway,I look foward to moving it soon from Grand Rapids Michigan,to Ocala,Fla. Once I can examine it in person,I will give you guys a blow by blow report! George

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