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Help with a 1930's Auto Union Wanderer

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I have a 1930’s vintage Auto Union Wanderer.

According to the person that I bought it from in 1956 this car was said to have won the Paris Auto Show. Ford was said to have copied the body design of this car for the 34 Ford. The unique taillight design is unlike any other Wanderer that I have ever seen pictures of over these many years.

I have tried to gain information about this particular car but to date I have found little information. I will send pictures if this would help. One person in Germany seems to believe that the taillights were a custom design either for show or ???.

I have kept this car in storage for over 50 years and would like to gain any information that I can about this particular car.

(This is not my car. I started this thread from an email inquiree. Do not contact me on this vehicle, post you responses here, Peter)



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Just checked the AACA Library & Research Center's On-Line Catalogs.

There are at least 14 pieces of relative literature retained at "your" Library referencing the Auto Union Wanderer.

On this AACA's web site click on "Library" icon on the home page. The person can do 3 things:

1. Do an on-line request form. Easy to use instructions on the Library web site...or

2. Check out the "On-Line Catalog" by:

----Click on "Select Catalogs"

----then, click on "Automotive Literature"

----then, at "Search prompt" click on keyword: "Auto Union Wanderer"

----You will see various pieces listed. Just click on them for a description...or

3. Contact "Your" Library directly:

----Mr. Chris Ritter, Head Librarian critter@aacalibrary.org

AACA Library & Research Center

501 W. Governor Road

Hershey, PA 17033

Phone: 717-5342082

As a reminder, if you or anyone reading this response are a member of the AACA you have 1 1/2 hours per year of "free" Library research time.


Peter J.

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There was a six cylinder Wanderer about that era which Ferdiand Porsche designed. The rear end had an inboard diff with swing axles, and a very wide section transverse leaf spring. I rescued one of these rear ends with attached section of chassis in the early 1970's when a local Lancia expert was about to move house and dump old stuff he no longer wanted. Later I gave it to a friend who wanted to make a vintage special that did not happen, so it was returned. Subsequently someone else turned up with the same intention; so I gave it away again.

Ivan Saxton

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