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I just purchased an unrestored 1936 Pontiac 2 door sedan with at least 68,000 miles on it. The car has all its parts, no serious rust, and it runs. I plan to restore it stock, very slowly. Here are a few questions:

1) Radiator leak -- a local shop can either solder the leak or might be able to "epoxy coat the inside" if the metal is porous. Has anyone had luck with leak repairs or is it wise just to have the thing re-cored. Should I try the local shop or is it best to ship my leaky radiator to a specialist?

2) Smoky oil. If I run the car for a while, the oil gets to smoking. I'm assuming that's bad piston rings and it is time to rebuild the engine. The oil does not have coolant in it, which I take as a good sign.

3) Body wood. Most of the body wood is in great shape, with the exception of the doors. The side and bottom parts will need to be redone. Has anyone tried the Chevy wood made by KC wood in Virginia (he was in NC). Bill Cartwright, the owner, says that if I send him the rotten parts he can make replacements.

4) Interior. I'm getting way ahead of myself since this goes in last. Has anyone tried the Chevy interiors from Hampton Coach in a Pontiac. They look identical to the Pontiac interior. The folks at Hampton Coach said to ask on forums if anyone has used their kits in a Pontiac.


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