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Closer to getting a Riviera ?


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I think it looks Cadillac now too, but then again I'm still confused what look Buick is going for, espeically with their interiors. I can tell you that it might be a nice looking car I can't see any of our past Rivieras in it at all. There's one thing I noticed at 2005 Eureka Springs, if I get a look at any year from the right angle I can see styling that each all have in common here and there. Not seeing any of that in this one - that doesn't mean that it isn't nice looking

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Look at the picture below, take your two index fingers, put them in the corners of your eyes and pull up on your eyes...now do you see it. ;)

Seriously, I see Riviera in the rear quarter, some in the front to rear side panels and glass, and a hint in the front grille. But maybe it's just the power of suggestion.

Why can't they just upstyle the 64's and be done with it.


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Does anyone remember the sketch that the artist did of a combination of a few of the good things from the first 3 generation Rivs? He's the guy who does all the art work for the mailing covers for the Riview and the art work for the annual events. He did the same thing with the Riviera that Ford, Chrylser, and GM did respectively with their Mustang, Challenger, and Camaro.

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