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Login Problem

Phil Knapp

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I've been having trouble logging into this forum. I enter my login name followed by my password, then I check the "remember me" button and I appear to have successfully logged in. However, the message "You have entered incorrect information" (or something to that effect) window is displayed with the warning that I have used one of 5 login attempts and the login boxes re-appear! Eventually, I don't know how or why, I seem to be successfully logged in. We'll see - if I am able to enter this post!

Has anybody else had this problem?

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Yes, I had problems at the change over. My password would not work at all. I finally sent twice for a new pass word and got in. Then changed the new one for my original password and have not had a problem since. Is'nt technology wonderful, soooooooo reliable!

PS: I'm only senior in age!

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After I have (apparently) successfully logged into the forum, the original login panel is again displayed. Why doesn't it go away if I am logged in?

It is then difficult to navigate to the Lincoln section, when the "Welcome" panel is FINALLY displayed.

It worked more easily when the new software first came up and I wonder why it has become more difficult??

Also, why did the Forum header change from white to black? Was this a software upgrade?



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