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32 pontiac 6 ID


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I need info on this car , drivetrain , paint combo's.

Ive been to other sites that have told me alittle info about the drivetrain but couldnt get anything on the paint combonations.

Also I have been told its a 402 series.

Here's the codes.

Drivers side frame Tag : 729373-P6

Drivers upper firewall Tag : fisher body corp , detriot mich, Job No. 32309 , Body No.146

Engine No. P836014

Heads # . (front) 493480-81 / 11-27-31 (rear) " " / 21-1-31

Ive checked out the earlytime site and found alot about it on the monthly highlight but looking at thier paint codes for 1932 none of my numbers matched.

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Your car would be the 373rd one built at Pontiac Michigan as they started the year at 729001.

I think your job number is wrong. it should be 32369 (4 door, 5 passenger custom sedan????)

I have only owned Canadian Pontiacs (6 of them) and thought that the lack of paint code was a Canadian exclusive. I was able to obtain the proper paint name (combination) from GM many (50) years ago. I think you would have to match up the colour chips from that year to get the names.

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Checked that last night and the Job No. is 32309

I read some where that oakland put a paint tag near the RF door .

Is that the same for pontiacs ? I checked that also , no tag.

I did find a 12" section of remaining paint in one of the door jams and it almost looks like a dark blue. (unless its extremely faded black).

Anyways I got 3 codes from earlytimes that are blue and using autocolorlibrary

color books . I came up with #2073 - Antibes blue. Everything else was way too dark (almost black). This could be wrong though.

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On the end of my colour charts they list six colour combinations for "early" 1932.

Combination Body Moulding Stripe

2061 Cheshire Blue (IM-741) Cheshire Blue Hereford Cream

2062 Brewster Green Brewster Green Hereford Cream

Extra Light (IM-1243 Light (IM-78)

2063 Coronado Tan (IM-695) Mentone Brown Swamp Holly

(IM-336) Orange

2064 Regatta Red (IM-799) Black Tokyo Ivory

2065 Black Black Hereford Cream

2066 Olympic Blue Black Gold

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Ya think if I hit up the library's request form I'd be able to pipoint it down?

we're close its narowed down to 2.

I'd also like to figure what the wheel and tire size's were.

I found a tiny piece of upholstery (porbably the last) near the corner and took it to work to match up , it looks like whipcord.

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what would be the diameter of those tires?

I have some whitewalls I got from a freinds 46 chev , they are 28.5 inches tall.

The tire size is 7.20/15 (I think)

I am going to be runnin modern brakes so the 15" wheel will work.

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I did not see a description of the car. My records indicate that 32309 is a valid number for a four door sedan. Is that what you have?

I am not sure about the frame number being a sequence starting at 729000. My car, which has casting dates from March 1932, has a number of C-2508-P6. It does not match that pattern. Reid, where did you get that information?

If your car is a 4 door sedan my records indicate that if your car is blue it is either:

Body Fenders Wire Wheels Wood Wheels Stripe

Olympic Blue Black Black Olympic Blue Aurora Red or Tacoma Cream

State Blue Black Black State Blue Aurora Red or Tacoma Cream

Both of these blues are quite dark. My car was Antibes Blue which is medium blue and Boatswain Blue which is a very dark blue.

I hope this helps.

Rob Guzzetta

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Al right , I got my info a few days later and this is what I came up .

I found a section of somewhat clean paint in the engine bay where the hood covers. After checking over and over I pushed the car outside and came up with 2072 (Slate Blue) .

The other blue that was close had a hint of green that showed up when outside.

Also found out I have the standard sedan wich the horn is in the enginebay not dual horns on the headlights.

I have the info I was sent on the Ride Control but nothing on what fluids go in these shocks or steering box ?

I also have a question on the pinstripe(s). What goes where , Cream, Red ?

I still owe AACA a few bucks for the photocopys they sent me . Is there an owners maual I can get or something close ?

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Well I had a great summer last year. Got her all legal and been cruising around local carshows cruises , ect . Looking forward to spring . Anyone looking for info on my 32 Pontiac Six .

My build thread has been moved to ; http://rustybowtie.com/index.php?topic=545.0

Im still looking for info on the pinstripes if someone could clarify, that would be great ?


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