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Harris Steam Car for Sale

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Have you guys seen this?

Text from the ad:

First off - For those of you that were wondering why this item was removed earlier by ebay - The wording in the payment section did not meet their criteria. I listed cash as an acceptable payment and I should have said "cash in person" or "cash in hand". My apologies to the folks at ebay and to those of you who have shown interest. Thanks to all.......... In addition. I was fortunate enough to uncover a photo from an old publishing regarding the "Beast". It describes the initial creation of the "Harris Steamer" and it's creator. Please look at the photo near the end. ENJOY! . Talk about a “barn find”. True one-of-a-kind futuristic designed vehicle built in the 1930’s – we call it the “beast” due to its size and weight. Close to 20 feet long and @ 5000 pounds – it’s BIG. Originally steam powered (by a Stanley steam engine). The engine was placed in the rear of the vehicle. The controls and gauges were routed to the front. Packard gauges and dish wheels – believed to be from a commercial vehicle (truck, bus, etc.). The condenser unit is still in place in the front (see photos). Unreal, hand built steel body. The metal work is amazing. Hand built aluminum headlight surrounds and window garnish moldings. The interior was designed with 2 single seats at the front and an “overstuffed” sofa type rear seat – the right side armrest storing the spare tire and the left side storing the fuel tank. The Story has it – this vehicle was being built as a display vehicle for the 1939 Worlds fair – unfortunately I was never able to confirm or deny the claim. The vehicle ended up in the Harris estate where it resided until the early 1960’s. A Grand Rapids resident purchased the vehicle with the intentions of a restoration. Needless to say, it was never restored. In the 1980’s a local resident knew of its creation (he frequently discussed its sale with the previous owner over a several year period) and purchased the vehicle for it’s engine and drive assembly. The engine was removed from the chassis and the vehicle was tucked away. I happened upon it in 2003 and mentioned to the owner if he ever thought he might sell – to give me a call. A few months later I was bringing it home only to receive a comment from the wife “What the heck is that?” “It sure is ugly; I hope it’s not staying here.” I had the intentions of fabricating/converting a motor home chassis to accommodate the body but now realize I have too many other projects and will never have the time to do it. This is your chance to own a piece of automotive history and futuristic design from the 1930's.


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Dear Friends I am about to move the beast from Grand Rapids Michigan,to my home in Ocala,Fla. Before I do,I am going to see if anyone wants it for $25,000.I really don't want to sell it,and am looking foward to getting it under way. However,someone out there may be crazier than me! George Albright Email; gnalbright@gmail.com cell 352 843 1624. PS I have lots of photos I can email a serious buyer.

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OK Guys got a little more info on the beast! Spoke with Dan Sheler of Mi. who owned the car in the 1980s. He read about the car in the Detroit paper in 1963,when he was in Detroit for awhile,working for Ford,doing the clay models of the Mustang. He went over to Mr. Hariss (or Harris) house and spoke with him about the car,and inspected it. He said the owner was quite proud of the car and wanted to show it off. Sheler went to see the car in around 1967 and found that Harris or Hariss had died and the car was gone. Then in the late 1960s or early 1970s,the attached photo below of the car showed up in one of the steam car magazines that was published at the time,offering the car for sale. I got this from Sheler. He copied it out of the steam car magazine at the time.He thinks there is a brief history of the car as text in the steam car magazine ad. Obviously this photo is of Harris Hariss in the 1940s or 1950s showing off the car. The owner of the car at the time must have gotten this photo from the family when they bought the car from the Harris Harris estate. Notice it has a bumper on it in this photo,which is missing now. If any of you have or know some one who has 1960s and 1970s steam car magazines,such as Art Hart,please ask them to go tru their magazines from approx. 1967-1975 and see if the ad with this photo is in one. Maybe in the text is referenced who actually built the car. Thanks guys. Keep digging! George Albright email gnalbright@gmail.com cell 352 843 1624


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Yes I would sell the car for $25,000 US,and arrange shipping to any port in the Eastern USA. The steam engine and boiler were taken out in the 1980s and used in another steam car. The original Stanley condensor is still in the front of the vehicle. It is black and looks like a radiator in front of the car. This car can be made to run with a steam or gas engine,as there is plently of room to reinstall a bolier and steam engine,or a 1920s,1930,or 1940s straight 6 or 8,or V8 gasoline or diesel engine and transmission,driven down to a rear axle,like a 1930s or 1940s bus. Please email me your email address to gnalbright@gmail.com and I will foward you lots more photos of the inside and outside. Sincerely George Albright,Ocala,Fla. cell 352 843 1624

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