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Old Oil Pour Pitchers. Have a bunch!


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I have a number of oil and coolant pour pitchers for sale. All are old, and a few have NEVER been used. All are clean and most are totally straight....no junk. I bought these for display purposes years ago, and always selected good ones. Lots of guys will paint these and put a small, reproduction oil or auto company decal on them.

Most are one-quart size, except for pitcher "G". That one is at least a two-quart. It is 12" high and 6-1/2" in diameter at the bottom. The little old gas can (item "H") is 9" high and 6-1/2" in diameter. Both caps are intact, as is the wooden bail handle.

The pour pitchers pictured are priced at $9.00 each, plus shipping. The small gas can is $10.00, plus shipping. Thanks. John in Wisconsin





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Jolly John, I see that Steve Moskowitz on the AACA forum beat me to the punch by about five minutes. Thanks anyway, they are cool, you had a nice collection. Would have loved to continue to display them in my barn. At least they went to someone deserving. :)

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