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Ok, I cant seem to find it....


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Take the cover off that conceals the bottom of the steering column. You should see a gray or silver clip attached to the part of the column that moves when you change gears. Move that clip to the left or right until the orange indicator is aligned to the right gear. Move it back and forth to make sure the indicator lines up correctly.

Good luck,


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This is just a minor adjustment that you have to play with to finesse it so everything lines up. In some cases, there can be two small index dots near the bottom of the shift quadrant indicator . . . adjust the clip so that the indicator needle is between the two dots. Otherwise, I've had good luck using "N" as the adjustment point and them seeing how things work in the other shifter positions.

None of the parts involved are very heavy duty, so just snugging them up is all that's needed.



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