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Wanted: 70ish Ralley wheels


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I have a clean set of either big or small bolt pattern,I believe they are the big bolt pattern.Where are you at? Sometimes the shipping is a killer. Usally they are between 20 and 30 $.apiece.I would sell my set for $125.00 + shpping, I dont know if they have center caps. I might have a couple around. Thanks Bob Beerkircher In Sandy Or.

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I have a set that I rescued from a 1973 Electra that was going to a demolition derby. They are the 5 on 5 bolt pattern and are in good shape,suitable for a driver but not for show. They show signs of aggressive cleaning over time and the chrome is a little dull in places but should polish up nicely. If you are interested please email me your location and I will quote you a price including shipping. dguff@humboldt1.com

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