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Waltham on Wheels update


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We have uploaded several new videos to the website Metz/Waltham Automobiles – Motorcycles – Bicycles – Air-Car and our Metz / Orient attendance list is growing for the first Waltham on Wheels. Response to the website & registry and the first Waltham on Wheels has been very positive.

We have new Metz and Orient listings in the registry.

To list a car, motorbike or bicycle in the registry please send the following:

1. The year and model.

2. The engine serial number.

3. At least 1 good photo.

4. Very importantly a story about the known history of the vehicle(You can read some of the entries to get a good idea of what we are looking for)


We have had several FOR SALE ad requests lately for parts and cars and have come up with some simple rules to go by when requesting an ad posted to the group email and or the website. This will make it easier for the interested parties.

1.Photos of the car or parts

2 Engine serial number

3 Known history of the car to the best of your ability.

4 The cars or parts present location (state)

5 We will use the email address that you have provided in the email to include in the ad or phone number which ever you prefer.

Please email: metzauto@gmail.com

Metz - Orient - Waltham Automobiles

Metz/Waltham Automobiles – Motorcycles – Bicycles – Air-Car

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