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Broken Accelerator Cable on a 16V

Guest Anthenium

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Guest Anthenium

I had the Funniest Thing happen to me last night. I was driving home from a Small Town in South Central Indiana, heading towards another. I had a Primer Honda Hatch in all it's Ricer Glory riding my @$$, and Blipping his throttle getting little Chirps while doing so. We had just gotten out of a Residential area, and out to a 2 lane Hiway. As soon as he got back on my @$$ I Nailed it!!!! The Pedal went to the Floor!!! And stayed there. My throttle cable had broken at the pedal. The ricer almost year ended me in the process, and I pulled off the road to figure out what had happened. After about 5 minutes of evaluation I found that the cable was broken, and there wasn't too much I could do about it in the mean time. So, how to get home? I figured at an Idle, I'd probably get up to about 10 - 15 MPH, and I needed to go 30+ miles. Then I looked at the throttle linkage. Hmmm! I found a small stone, and wedged it between the linkage and a flat surface. After trying several stones I found one that held 2500 RPM's. Popped it in, Dropped the Hood, and away I went! I was home in an hour, and it was rather uneventful after that.

Now, the Big Question is, does the 16v/DOHC Chrysler TC by Maserati use the same throttle cable as any other Turbo-Dodge, or is this yet another of their MANY Unique pieces? Anyone have any idea? Anyone have a SPARE laying around?

I have a Discontinued MotorMite Part Number from Advance Auto, and I think it is yet another unique piece to this very frustrating car!

PN = 16577

I may look into making a cable if I can't find one in a week or 2...


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Guest Majmx


You might try calling your local Chrysler dealer and asking the parts guys to do a USA search and see if you can come up a cable using the 4458583 part number.

If you get no resulst email at majmx@aol.com

Good Luck

Bob S

TC America

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Guest Anthenium

None available Nationwide. I think Marty has 'em ALL!

Well, my 50th B-Day is in November. Guess what I want for my B-Day?

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