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WTB: Crica 1981 Honda Trail CT 70 parts motorcycle. Leads?

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Dear Friends My wife has a 1981 Honda Trail 70,model CT 70,that she bought new! We need to find the following parts and hope you might be able to help: The kick start assembly is pretty much stripped,and we could probably use a new head. Do you have either of these,or a complete parts motor we could buy? I do not have an interchange manual,so I do not know other years and models of motors that are interchangable with ours. Could you tell me? THANKS for you help! Leads on these items appreciated. George Albright,Ocala,Fla. cell 352 843 1624 email gnalbright@gmail.com Feel free to call me

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The Honda CT-70 remained largely unchanged from year to year with the exception of the number of gears (as well as a shift from manual shifting to "automatic clutch")and some "cosmetic" items.

I believe that all of the '81 CT-70s were 3 speeds.

These machines are reasonably common, so locating parts shouldn't be a bit deal. You can check out the websites below as a starting point. I would also check ebay for parts. '81 is also recent enough that a Honda dealer may still be able to obtain new parts for you or just might have some NOS parts sitting around.

You should note that there made some of their more "serious" changes to the CT-70 around 1980, 1981, or 1982...verify part matches intended application before you just order something marked "CT-70," as it may not fit. EDIT: Ok, it was 1984 when the transmission was changed to automatic. I found another nice site while checking up on my facts: http://www.motorera.com/honda/h0070/ct/ct.htm#1984

Honda Mini Trail 70 Z50 SL70 ST90 Shop Manual Largest On The Internet Tech Tips

CT70 Mini Trail Honda

The second of the two links above goes to Beatrice Cycle. They have the head parts as well as the kick starter assembly, among other things. Good parts source for these machines, I believe.

Good luck!

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